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Star formation Region Images Taken at the KPNO 4-m During November/December  2001


These images were taken through cirrus in the K band and are used for design of multi-slit masks. These are the unretouched reductions
from the pipeline. The images are each 10.8' on a side,  which is equal to the FLAMINGOS FOV on the 4-m. Star counts show that the images are complete to about K~18 in all but the most nebulous regions.

Observations were taken by Nick Raines, Matthew Horrobin and Katherine Wu. Pipeline reduction of images was by Carlos Roman-Zuniga and cataloging and photometry was carried out by Joanna Levine.


IC 348


 NGC 1333


 NGC 2023


NGC 2024


NGC 2071




Rosette GMC Cluster 2

Despite terrible weather and poor seeing on many of our nights we did have a couple of nights of good spectroscopic observing. Below is a raw MOS spectra of the Trapezium cluster and a reduced 90 minute MOS spectra of the Trapezium cluster showing stars 14<K<16.5. In all about 45 spectra of distinct objects are present.