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The Merging Cluster 1E0657-56


The cluster 1E0657-56 (z=0.296), commonly known as the bullet cluster, is a supersonic cluster merger occurring nearly in the plane of the sky. The unique properties of this system make it a powerful probe of fundamental physics and astrophysics. Members of our team have used the bullet cluster to demonstrate the existence of dark matter and constrain the dark matter self-interaction cross-section. Ongoing projects including determining the impact of shock front upon star formation, improving the lensing maps, and studying the properties of lensed background galaxies.

Latest News

11/15/2006 -- We are publicly releasing the shear catalog, mass reconstruction, and gas surface density files covering the area of the bullet cluster published in Clowe et al. 2006. These data can be accessed by clicking on "Public Data" on the menu bar.

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